Broccoli has a lot of nutritional value, vitamins, mineral salts and other biologically active ingredients, may be a component of a reduced calorie diet. Broccoli is a good source of Fiber. Broccoli is recommended to people suffering with diabetes (a large amount of chromium), people are struggling with high cholesterol, having heart problems, anemia, deficiencies of calcium and arthritis.

Nutrition Facts serving size 100g:

Water- A623 IU Magnesium21 mg
Calories37 kcal B10,7 mg Phosphorus66 mg
Fiber2,6 g B20,12 mg Iron0,73 mg
Protein3,3 g B60,18 mg Sodium33 mg
Fat0,2 g C89 mg Calcium47 mg
Carbonhydrate5,5 g K0,64 mg Potassium316 mg


Description Units per case Weight per case Cases per pallet
Broccoli Crowns Bulk 9,8 kg (20 lb) 48
Broccoli florets in 1,36 kg bags 10 bag per box 13,6 kg (30 lb) 35
Broccoli florets in 1,36 kg bags 18 bag per box 8,17 kg (18 lb) 72
Broccoli in 210g clamshells 12 trays per box 2,52 kg 72


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