Onion has germicidal properties, diuretic, lowers the risk of heart attack and accelerates wound healingResearch shows that a large dose of onions may reduce blood sugar levels. This vegetable is also helpful in treating colds and urinary tract infections.Onions have a beneficial effect on lowering blood pressure in people with hypertension.A diet rich in onions prevents heart disease.

There are three types of onions: sweet, red, black.

Nutrition Facts serving size 100g:

Water89 g A2 µg Magnesium10 mg
Calories37 kcal K0,4 mg Phosphorus29 mg
Fiber- B20,03 mg Iron0,2 mg
Protein1,4 g B60,1 mg Sodium4 mg
Fat0,4 g C7,4 mg Calcium23 mg
Carbonhydrate6,9 mg E0,3 mg Potassium146 mg


Description Units per case Weight per case Cases per pallet
Bag - 1 kg 10 10 kg 54
Bag - 2,25 kg 4 9,08 kg 54
Case - 32 kg 100

Available sizes

Size Diameter from Diameter to
Small 2,5 cm 5 cm
Medium 5 cm 7,6 cm
Jumbo ponad 7,6 cm -


It is possible to match the type of packaging for individual customer needs.