It is perfect as an ingredient in dietary weight loss because it has low energy content and a large amount of vitamin C, Potassiumsium, Magnesium and calcium.
Cauliflower has anticancer properties, stopping carcinogen-activating enzymes. Other compounds found in cauliflower enhance the ability of the liver to neutralize potentially toxic substances and protect against rheumatism.

Nutrition Facts serving size 100g:

Water 91,9 g A 131 IU Magnesium 15 mg
Calories 31 kcal B1 0,11 mg Phosphorus 44 mg
Fiber - B2 0,1 mg Iron 0,4 mg
Protein 2,4 g B6 0,2 mg Sodium 30 mg
Fat 0,2 g C 46,4 mg Calcium 22 mg
Carbonhydrate 5,0 g K 16 mcg Potassium 303 mg


Description Units per case Weight per case Cases per pallet
Single in polyethylene 9 pieces 0,9 kg 52
Single in polyethylene 12 pieces 750 and 850 gr 52
Single in polyethylene 16 pieces 450 and 600 gr 52


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