Asparagus is an ideal component of diet weight loss. They are rich in vitamins A , C, B and Potassiumsium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals. According to recent research conducted by the Americans, asparagus are the source of the antioxidant glutathione - strong anticancer activity.

Nutrition Facts serving size 100g:

Water93,7 g A500 IU Magnesium10-18 mg
Calories15-30 kcal B10,1 mg Phosphorus52-85 mg
Fiber1,5 g B20,08 µg Iron0,9 mg
Protein3,4 g B60,04 mg Zinc0,5 mg
Fat0,2 g C20-26 mg Calcium22-26 mg
Carbonhydrate1,1-3,7 g K0,8 mg Potassium240-300 mg


Size Diameter [mm]
Minimum Maximum
Small 5 8
Standard 8 12,7
Large 12,7 17,5


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