Spinach is a vegetable with anticancer activity, and numerous medicinal properties:

  • helps to increase muscle mass,
  • reduced deposition of body fat,
  • reduces the risk of cancer, especially lung cancer,
  • helps in chronic diseases of the pancreas,
  • helps in the treatment of constipation and hypertension.

Nutrition Facts serving size 100g:

Water91,4 g A9376 IU Magnesium79 mg
Calories23 kcal K483 mg Phosphorus49 mg
Fiber- B20,2 mg Iron2,7 mg
Protein2,9 g B60,2 mg Sodium79 mg
Fat0,4 g C28,1 mg Calcium99 mg
Carbonhydrate3,6 mg K2 mg Potassium558 mg


Types of Spinach Description Units per case Weight per case Cases per pallet
Baby Spinach Bag - 0,226 kg 12 9,8 kg 72
Loose Spinach Case - 10 kg 48
Spinach in Tray Tray - 0,1 kg 12 1,2 kg 72
Popeye Spinach Bag - 0,283 kg 12 3,39 kg 63
Popeye Spinach Bag - 1,13 kg 6 6,78 kg 35


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It is possible to match the type of packaging for individual customer needs.